Cultural Precinct

Cultural Precinct

Trove: Creative arts journal

Trove is an online creative arts journal produced by students at UWA Faculty of Arts, showcasing the work of emerging writers and artists.

Featured work: Constellations by Olivia Tartaglia

In the midst of life we are in death

Memento Mori are artworks that prompt us to ponder the emptiness and transience of earthly pleasures and re-assess our moral progress as we move toward the certainty of death.

Exhibition: Self Portrait as Shared Dream

Drawn from the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art’s strong thematic focus on self-portraiture, this exhibition presents a collection of works in which the individual is a collective construction.

Perth International Arts Festival

Every summer, the Perth International Arts Festival, founded and brought to you by UWA, presents some of the world’s best theatre, circus, opera, dance, classical and contemporary music, visual arts and literature for the people of Western Australia.