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  • UWA Centenary

Craig Walsh presents a series of light sculptures transforming prominent trees on the Crawley campus into monumental portraits by night.

Genre: Projection

Where: Trees on campus (Patricia Crawford Court, Black Stump, The Great Court)

When: 7pm until midnight

Duration: Continuous

About SPACEmakers

This installation continues a series of projects which explore the history, occupation and contribution to a place beyond the selective history immortalized in the permanent public monuments and plaques visible in many public spaces.

It specifically pays homage to the architects, landscape architects, urban designers, gardeners and grounds man who have and continue to contribute greatly to the ambience, functionality and visual presence of the University. This work recognizes the important contribution of the Universities public ‘space makers'.

The artist

Internationally respected visual artist Craig Walsh creates interventionist and site-specific projects.

His work over the last fifteen years has interrogated alternative contexts for contemporary art and new applications for moving image, projection, sculpture and photography.

His work has crossed a range of art forms including theatre, architecture, permanent public works, temporal public works, gallery exhibitions, residencies, workshops and festivals, and explores how environmental and cultural conditions influence the human condition.

It has featured in a number of national and international projects and exhibitions including the Gwangju Bienale, South Korea; Yokohama International Triennale of Contemporary Art, Japan; 01SJ Biennal San Jose, California; HEADS UP, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia; The Anne Landa Award, Art gallery of NSW, Australia; Fuji rock, Japan; WOMAD, United Kingdom and Nuit Blanche, Canada.

Craig Walsh’s magnum opus, Craig Walsh, Digital Odyssey, A museum of Contemporary art touring project (2010-11), a national, multi-venue tour and artist residency across regional Australia, enabled regional audiences to both view and become involved in the production and presentation of unique and highly engaging new media artworks.

The individual works within this project were guided and influenced by the landscapes and histories of the local area.


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