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Established in 1976, the Berndt Museum holds one of Australia's most important collections of Aboriginal art and cultural materials.

The collection is supported by photographs and sound recordings, as well as art and artefacts from Melanesia, Asia and South-East Asia. Works from the collection are exhibited in the Janet Holmes à Court Gallery, within the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

Please note that the Berndt Museum will be closed to all external requests for access to the Collection (Archives, Objects, Photos and Audio-Visual) between 1 July 2014 and 6 January 2015.

Museum staff are instituting protocols to enhance access to the Collection in preparation for the opening of the new Aboriginal Cultures Museum. We apologise to community groups, researchers and the general public.

Current exhibition

Image of Japanese woodblock artwork

Ukiyo-e: Japanese Prints of the Floating World

8 February - 28 June 2014

The techniques of Japanese woodblock printing, moku hanga, is identified most closely with the genre of art Ukiyo-e, commonly translated as 'pictures of the floating world'.

This was adopted from the Chinese book printing techniques during the Edo period (1603 - 1867) and developed into a distinctive art form, using water-based inks to provide a wide range of vivid colours possessing extraordinary transparency.

Featuring Japanese woodblock prints from the Ronald and Catherine Berndt Collection. Artwork featured: Woodblock print, Japan, 35.3 x 23.4 cm. RM & CH Berndt Collection [WU8767]

Visit the Ukiyo-e exhibition website.