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2016 Schenberg Music Fellow - James Bradbury

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Schenberg Music Fellowship

James Bradbury was awarded the Dr Harold Schenberg Music Fellowship in 2016.

Photograph of James Bradbury

2016 Dr Harold Schenberg Music Fellow

James Bradbury
Australian University
University of Western Australia
Research focus
The potential of interactive, autonomous computer programs in musical environments.

Artist statement

James Bradbury is a composition student currently completing his Masters of Music with Dr. Christopher Tonkin. The focus of his research is on the potential of interactive, autonomous computer programs in musical environments.

As such, the research involves implementing algorithmic and machine learning techniques as means of discovering how computers can behave on their own and interact with live performers.

In 2016 James will be travelling to the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) in Paris​ as a participant in an intensive three week computer music course. Whilst in Europe he will also be conducting field research and meeting with prominent specialists in the field of algorithmic computer music.

Statement of what it means to me

"The Schenberg fellowship has opened up a series of opportunities that will contribute to the successful completion of my Masters of Music. As a fellow, I will embark on a three month trip to Europe, where I will be able to meet with specialists and students who are conducting research in similar fields to myself. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet people who are passionate about practicing and teaching computer music and will be incredibly enriching." - James Bradbury