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2016 Schenberg Art Fellow - Selena de Carvalho

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Schenberg Art Fellowship:

Selena de Carvalho was awarded the Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize in 2016.

Photo of artist Selena de Carvalho with prize cheque

Artist Selena de Carvalho pictured at PICA receiving the 2016 Schenberg Art Fellowship.

2016 Schenberg Art Fellowship winner

Selena de Carvalho
Australian University
Tasmanian College of the Arts, The University of Tasmania
Winning work
Using moss and clay buttons, Ecological Haunts (ii) provides a tangible experience for the audience. Touching these buttons activates the artwork, and produces an acoustic portrait of a 10,500-year-old tree. The sound produced by the piece is in fact the sonification of the internal sap (or xylem) that flows throughout the tree. It is the sound of the tree imbibing water.

The Schenberg Art Fellowship award of $35,000 is presented to an emerging artist to support them in developing their career.

Artist statement

"Ecological Haunts responds to a perceived lack of empathy and the cultural/social denial of grief regarding the legacy of ecologically destructive behaviours, with specific focus on the impact on non-human sentient entities, including animals and plants."


Artwork by Selena de Carvalho

"Receiving the Schenberg Art Prize is such a privilege, especially in the current climate for of Arts funding. This incredible support will extend and enable my practice in an accelerated manner that is so exciting. My plan is to keep exploring new ideas and making experimental work.

"My practice responds to notions of personal ecology and human interaction with the environment, often relating to the perceived consumption of wilderness and lived experiences of wildness, focusing on the core paradox of how we (humanity) yearn for the untamed, and yet in our desire to the experience the wild consciously or unconsciously seek to control it. This paradox operates as a framework for deeper inquiry within my cross disciplinary practice.

"This scholarship will provide the freedom to travel, research, take risks and invest time in connecting these ideas and ideologies with creative peers, in new environments with expanded audiences."


  • Selena de Carvalho accepting the Schenberg Art Fellowship at HATCHED16 national graduate show at PICA. Photo: PICA.
  • Ecological Haunts (ii), From the series Ecological Haunts, 2015. Projection, 4-channel sound, tree stumps front the Arve Valley, glass blown dripper, perspex, moss/rock from Mt Reed, clay from Bruny Island. 375 x 490 x 430 cm. Selena de Carvalho, Photo by OK MEDIA.