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Interview with Chloe Hughes - 2011 Schenberg Fellow (Art)

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Schenberg Art Fellowship:
An image from 'Structures to move to (conversations on work)', 2010, by Chloe Hughes.

Chloe Hughes was awarded the Schenberg Art Fellowship in 2011 for her work titled 'Structures to move to (conversations on work)', a series of video portraits in which subjects discuss what they perceive to be the meaning and purpose of their participation in wage labour.

The image on this page was featured in 'Structures to move to (conversations on work)'.

Schenberg Art Fellowship winner 2011

Chloe Hughes
Australian University
College of Fine Arts (CoFA), University of New South Wales
Australian course/degree of study
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours Class 1)

What motivated you to apply?

The Head of the School of Art and the Head of the School of Media Arts at CoFA recommended me for the Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize.

I was motivated to apply for the prize because it presented an opportunity for my work to be shown as part of a high-profile exhibition alongside other emerging artists from across Australia.

What activities/studies have you undertaken since winning the Prize?

Since winning the prize I have been involved in a number of creative projects, including working as a sound producer and director of photography for director Polly Watkins. Alongside other industry professionals, we created Clients on Film, a series of video portraits featuring people who receive the community service Meals on Wheels in the Brunswick area of Melbourne.

I am currently working as a video artist on a collaborative project devised by writer/performer Alice Williams, titled Impossible Plays. The work is being developed for exhibition at the 2012 Next Wave Festival, Melbourne. In the last month I have exhibited new work in two group exhibitions, Lorem Ipsum at Alaska Projects and Champagne Urbana at the Paper Mill.   

How has winning the Prize impacted on your development as an artist?

Winning the Prize has impacted on my professional development as an artist by connecting me with a community of peers and key Australian arts institutions. It has provided me with the financial security required in order to focus on my practice. The prize money has helped me to finance the creation of new work and to purchase the equipment necessary for the production of high-quality, cross-disciplinary video art.

What opportunities have been created through winning the Prize?

Winning the Prize has helped me to secure exhibition and residency opportunities. In addition, winning the Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize has generated media exposure, which has been integral to the establishment and development of my public profile as a professional artist.

What’s the next step for you career-wise?

I was recently awarded the Firstdraft Gallery Emerging Artist Studio Residency. The residency is scheduled for the first three months of 2012 and will provide me with a studio space at the Firstdraft Depot, Woolloomooloo, an artist's fee-for-work-completed during the program and a fully subsidised three-week solo exhibition at Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney.

What’s your ultimate aim career-wise?

To develop and consolidate a rigorous and sustainable professional arts practice and to establish a national and international profile as an important contributor to the field of video art and to socially engaged interdisciplinary creative practice.

What advice would you give to people considering applying for the Prize this time around?

I would advise people to not hesitate in applying for the Prize. Exhibiting as part of the Hatched National Graduate Show is an inspiring experience. It provides an opportunity to meet other emerging artists and helps to foster confidence in the social importance of artistic expression.

Finally, how has your life changed since being awarded this prize?

Prior to being awarded the Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize, the financial precariousness of being an artist had more of a material and psychological effect on my practice. Since being awarded the prize, I have been able to prioritise the creation of new work and the professional development of my practice.

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