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Interview with Lachlan Petras - 2012 Schenberg Fellow (Art)

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Schenberg Art Fellowship:

Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize Winner Lachlan Petras and Mr Nick Di Lorenzo.Lachlan Petras was awarded the Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize in 2012.

Lachlan is pictured with Mr Nick Dilorenzo, a Trustee of Dr Harold Schenberg's Estate.

Schenberg Art Fellowship winner 2012

Lachlan Petras
Australian University
Monash University, Victoria
Australian course/degree of study
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours Sculpture)

What motivated you to apply?

I was kindly nominated by my university to apply to PICA [Perth Institute of Contemporary Art] for a position in the Hatched National Graduate Exhibition. It was an honour to be nominated by Monash [University], which allowed me the opportunity to submit my work to be in the running for the Schenberg Prize.

What activities/studies will this Prize enable you to undertake?

It will most certainly allow me to venture into more ambitious and technical ideas, more collaborations and skills training in the development of my practice. 

How will winning the Prize impact upon your development as an artist?

The most valuable thing is time. The prize will enable me to take the time to pursue processes and experiments that I am not familiar with, and therefore allow my work a new variety of physical and conceptual results.

What’s the next step for you career-wise?

To show my work interstate and overseas.

What’s your ultimate aim career-wise?

I don't have an ultimate goal. My career-based aims are short-term, and I try to work step by step. I suppose my ultimate aim has to be at the next thing coming, and devoting myself to that. Having said this, I would love to study in an institution overseas in an independent study program, which is like a post-graduate degree, except more of the criteria of your program is self-directed.

What advice would you give to people considering applying for the Prize next year?

I would say that it's important to excel at the university course you undertake, in order to be nominated for the prize. Art School provides an invaluable time to take risks with your work and get feedback from friends, peers and your mentors. Also, the ability to install your own work in a professional manner is key to allowing your work to communicate as much as possible to a wider audience.

Finally, how has being awarded this prize impacted on your life to date?

It has been a phenomenal award to win as I have mentioned, so early in my career.

I have already put into practice a new body of work mixing video and kinetic sculpture for a show at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts in Melbourne. The prize already allowed me to develop the mechanism concerning this particular work, which is a great pleasure. 

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