Cultural Precinct

Berndt Museum

Current exhibition: Mowaljarlai Vision and Voice | Legacy of a Bush Professor

This exhibition honours the life and legacy of lawman, philosopher, artist, activist, storyteller, bush professor, and statesman, David Mowaljarlai.

A Berndt Museum of Anthropology exhibition, curated by Eve Chaloupka.


The Berndt Museum of Anthropology (BMA), within UWA's Cultural Precinct, works in partnership with the School of Indigenous Studies.

This partnership ensures that the cross-pollination of innovation and cultural knowledge is guided by a deep respect for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people nationally.

Australian Aboriginal Cultures Museum (AACM)

The University of Western Australia was established in 1911 through the determination and foresight of community, business and industry leaders, who saw the need to develop intellectual and creative resources for Western Australia.

The concept of a purpose-built museum for the collection of Australian Aboriginal and art and cultural material was raised as early as the 1976 when the Collection was originally gifted to the University, though it is possible that the conversation started even earlier.

Volunteering at the Berndt Museum of Anthropology

We encourage students and the general public to volunteer a service to the vast collections including papers, photographs and field notes.

Get in touch if you have experience and skills in archiving, cataloguing and collection library services.