Our areas of collaboration are broad and allow us to work across all faculties, making community and engagement a great launch pad for the Museum. In all that we do, we work to ensure our initial relationship with the communities from which our collections are derived are strong.

We also have a number of UWA partners with whom we work closely to enhance research into the collections:

Berndt Research Foundation

The Berndt Research Foundation supports Australian Aboriginal social and cultural anthropology research. Find out more about the Berndt Research Foundation.

Discipline of Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humanity and human behaviour. It is the only discipline that offers a conceptual scheme for the whole context of human experience.

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery produces and presents exhibitions of Australian and international art, as well as important national touring exhibitions. Find out more about the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts (ALVA)

The Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts programs at UWA attract high-quality students from around the world, seeking to advance scholarship in the discipline of architecture. Find out more about ALVA.

School of Indigenous Studies

UWA's School of Indigenous Studies aims to achieve excellence and equity in all aspects of higher education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Find out more about the School of Indigenous Studies.  

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal art collection of the University of Virginia

Is the only museum in the United States dedicated to the exhibition and study of Aboriginal art.  

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