The Berndt Museum is investing in a strong and responsive team that can effectively adapt to the changing needs of our collections and nurture respect for Indigenous cultures.

Dr Vanessa Russ - Associate Director

Dr Vanessa Russ is an artist, academic and curator interested in challenging notions of identity in mainstream cultural institutions. Her academic interest examines the way in which non-Western, particularly Aboriginal identity, is constructed in mainstream museums and art galleries in the United States, with a particular focus on the current redevelopment at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Natalie Hewlett - Collections Manager

Natalie, a paintings conservator and exhibition display manager in previous employments, started in 2014 and manages the care, access and movement of the collections at the Berndt Museum.

Kelly Rowe - Associate Registrar 

(Shared Position)

Kelly has been part of the Berndt Museum team since 2010 and is focused on relevant and up-to-date collection data.

Vanessa Wiggin - Associate Registrar

(Shared position)

Vanessa Wiggin is part-time Associate Registrar at the Berndt Museum. She has a background in materials conservation and is currently completing a Masters in Cultural Heritage.

Sarah Ridhuan - Assistant Curator

Sarah has been at the Berndt Museum since 2013 and has been involved in both curatorial work and collections management. She is currently working on the Museum's significant Photographic Collection as well as its collection of Asian cultural material and art.

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