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Workshops Program at WINTERarts 2015

Workshop: Photographing faces

Presented by UWA Extension

A fun and practical course for digital photographers to enhance their portrait skills. Learn how to capture your family, children, pets and loved ones using available light and natural poses. Tips are provided for digital enhancement and how to archive your digital images for future generations. Sessions cover the theory, the practical and review. Lunch on the Saturday is included. Presented by UWA Extension.

  • When: Saturday 1 August 2015 9am - 5pm; Thursday 6 August 6 - 9pm
  • Event Type: Workshop
  • Presenters: UWA Extension, University Club of WA
  • Venue:The University Club of Western Australia
  • Cost: $225.00 (Saturday includes lunch).  Enrol Online.
  • Enquiries: Bill Grayson (08) 6488 2433 or [email protected]

Artwork of Elise Blumann

Workshop: Drawing the Human Face

Presented by UWA Extension and the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

Drawing the human face is challenging, but it is a wonderful skill for capturing precious moments in life. Whether you have experience or not, come and learn how to draw what you really see. Discover your gifts and where they can take you.

Curator Dr Sally Quin will first guide a tour of the exhibition Elise Blumann: An Émigré Artist in Western Australia, 1938-1948, focusing on the figures and portraits. Then join artist Daniela Dlugocz in two rewarding afternoon workshops in which you will experiment with different materials and shading techniques.

A life model will attend each session of the course. You will discover not just a face on paper but how to capture expression and atmosphere.

Bio photo of Peter Rose

Workshop - On Reviewing: how to write quality criticism

Presented by UWA Publishing

“Criticism is an art but also an entertainment – and occasionally a sport. We should not be coy about the good or polite about the mediocre” – Peter Rose in The Australian Book Review. The state of criticism in Australia is a hotly debated subject, some bemoaning its demise and others defending its quality.

In this workshop Peter Rose, poet, critic and editor of The Australian Book Review, will guide litterateurs through the complex practice of good criticism. A one-off Perth event not to be missed.

Workshop: Learn dSLR in a day!

Presented by UWA Extension

Learn how to use your DSLR camera. The morning session will be taken by Karen Castle who will explain the basics - aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to achieve correct exposure.  In the afternoon Karin Calvert will show you how to use natural light and camera flash techniques to create great portraits. There will be time to put into practice your skills, with the photographers there to guide you.

Lunch is provided.

  • When: Saturday 8 August 2015 9am - 5pm
  • Event Type: Workshop
  • Presenters: UWA Extension, University Club of WA
  • Venue:The University Club of Western Australia
  • Cost: $225.00 (includes lunch).  Enrol Online.
  • Enquiries: Bill Grayson (08) 6488 2433 or [email protected]

Workshop: Writing dramatic dialogue

Presented by UWA Extension

Dialogue should leap off the page. In novels, short stories, scripts and screenplays it must move the story forward, reveal character and provide essential exposition. Yet it must also be dramatic and believable. All of which is a hard ask. How to reconcile these apparently incompatible necessities is the subject of this dynamic and interactive workshop presented by author John Harman. Presented by UWA Extension.

  • When: Saturdays 15 August 2015 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Venue: The University Club of WA,  The University of Western Australia
  • Presenters: UWA Extension
  • Cost: $170.00 (includes lunch) | Register Online
  • Enquiries: Bill Grayson (08) 6488 2433 or [email protected]

Image of books

The Poetry of Archives - Workshop with Ross Gibson

Presented by UWA Publishing

In this exclusive workshop, critically acclaimed author and historian Ross Gibson will take us through the particulars of his unique craft. Gibson’s practice is best described as a kind of alchemy where research, interpretation and poetry combine to produce works that resist definition. Taking the Elise Blumann exhibition as his material for this workshop, Ross will guide us through the complex art of ekphrastic writing.

Ross’ UWA Publishing books 26 Views of the Starburst World and The Summer Exercises will also be available for purchase and signing.

Stock photo of Watercolours and paint brushes

Workshop: Watercolour Landscapes for Beginners

A series of two workshops presented by UWA Extension and the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

Join Dr Sally Quin for a curator’s talk and tour of Elise Blumann: An Émigré Artist in Western Australia, 1938-1948 and consider landscape painting afresh.

Watercolour painting is a skill that can be learned. Artist and teacher Debi Riley simplifies watercolour processes with step-by-step instructions and demonstration. You’ll be encouraged, inspired and guided in the basics watercolour techniques.  All materials are provided.

Over a two-day workshop on subsequent Saturdays, discover how to create lovely atmospheric skies, mountains, hills, trees and foliage and incorporate them into your own paintings. You’ll learn just how easy it is to mix dozens of colours from only three tubes of paint, and gain techniques to create your own watercolour landscapes.